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2017-03-25 18:28:45 by JustAPunnyGuy

I'm open to any ideas and such, it doesn't hurt to give one


Please submit your ideas here: http://justapunnyguy.newgrounds.com/news/post/979891


I've also lost a lot of motivation to make art, mainly because I'm lazy

Halp me

7 facts about you

2017-03-19 16:50:11 by JustAPunnyGuy

7 facts about you

1-your reading this

2-you can't say "m" without closing your mouth

3- you just tried it

4-you're laughing or smiling

6- you didn't notice I missed fact 5

7- you're laughing or smiling again

New Discord Server!

2017-03-07 19:24:54 by JustAPunnyGuy

I've made a discord server for any artists that want to join.

Feel free to join and build up the community



And I still need moar suggestions. Submit them here http://justapunnyguy.newgrounds.com/news/post/979891

Basically I'm outta ideas for drawing. What do I do exactly? I turn to you guys for ideas, but in a challenge form.


You can give me a challenge of any kind, but it cannot be out of my control as I'm... probably 1% over a beginner level in art. If not even lower.


Here's an example if you don't know what I mean



I hope to hear from ya'll!


2017-02-03 19:17:04 by JustAPunnyGuy

Cause screw this, this is very tiring for me, I'm lazy. Expect me to work again after two weeks has passed. Also expect my art style to improve after two weeks

The music here that I listen to is the theme that my upcoming art submission follows, peaceful and... couldn't think of any other word but you get the point. Oh wait! Peaceful and mystical, there are the words







What I listen to if I get bored of the Audio Portal





Just a portion of what I listen to

Doing stuff now

2017-01-27 23:35:26 by JustAPunnyGuy

Well, since you peeps wanted me to get my lazy ass WORKING, I might as well be a man of my word for once. The next time I do a strawpoll vote you better make me take a break next time >:(

Strawpoll voting

2017-01-27 02:03:04 by JustAPunnyGuy

Decide what I should do through the strawpoll voting system


Good News!

2017-01-17 01:53:16 by JustAPunnyGuy

I got a paintool, that's it. I'm using a mouse as well, so I'm absolutely screwed.

The important thing is, I won't have to be sketching something low quality anymore now. Eventually, I'll get the hang of things