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Bet his favorite ice-cream flavor is Rocky Road

Something worth noting here is that although this may be some sort of freaky shit show, Madness Expurgation brings out a really important element you rarely ever see in the series. The film gave a chance to show more humanity in the characters than any other episode; specifically, that humanity comes from none other than Sanford.

It's not exactly obvious at first, but you can see in Sanford's actions that he doesn't want to be in The Auditor's hell fighting Tricky. When he's launched a mile away, it's very clear he's frustrated when he supposedly yells and then slams his fist. This sort of emotion, or even any other emotion is extremely non-present in any other Madness film, with the exceptions being Deimos fooling around. Sanford is frustrated, angry, unsure of what to do, but most importantly: he's afraid. He shows his fear, unlike any other character.

As for Hank, he's been probably been through this song and dance before, since he's died numerous times. It was nice of you to put in this detail Krinkels, I'm sure your greatness will expand this detail even more in the future

I like the Iron Rod part the most, but otherwise this was better than the other speedrage collabs

kRyyNG responds:

Yeah me too

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This game isn't bad at all to me. I can agree with some of the reviews here though

The overheat thing is a good mechanic, although it builds up too quickly. I did find an alternative to this where I can dish out as much damage without ever having to worry about the overheat bar filling up however. I can suggest you tweak the overheat bar, so I can actually feel like I'm spitting bullets for a longer time.

The mine robots are the most annoying thing to me. I can't do any damage to them, and jumping over them when there are bunch of robots attacking you can get you killed. I don't believe in the RNG thing, as they do try to explode when they are near you, but they're still a pain anyway.

For respawning, that's something I can sorta agree on with the other reviewers. There are times when there are too many robots, but sometimes I can clear out the area.

I have been able to get more than 100 kills before, I'm proud of that.

At one point, every single enemy spawned except for the first robots you have to fend off when you start a new game.

I really do hope you add powerups to this game, as well as some other content to make it a better experience. My suggestions for power ups are invincibility, and/or no over heat for 10 seconds.

The music is absolutely fitting, nothing bad about that to be said

This game has a lot of potential. It's not the best, but at the same time it's not crap either.

fazold22 responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the updated version will be here soon after i have time to add contents, cheers!

Dear God...

I absolutely love this game!

DarkTimmy responds:

Aw - THANK YOU! We're really hoping you enjoy the new one too! We've been knocking ourselves OUT to bring you something super amazing! Appreciate the support!


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Ya know, you could never fail to impress me with a soundtrack. It's nice to see you still have your beautiful touch considering you were gone for a bit... Well, asides from the other track you uploaded.

I could never really understand why you were gone, but who cares, you did a thing!

Y'know, it's nice to see that 1: you're still active, and 2: You're collaborating with other people besides from Krinkels, and maybe just a few more guys I may or may not know about.

Amazing work on the soundtrack!


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You squat like a western spy

This is super astonishing, but mans didn't even get to use that damn Stop sign in MC:11

The power of fluffy bois shines within you



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